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About the Program:

Your astrologically optimized business is the most efficient way to make an impact on the world and have the freedom to enjoy your life. This is the ONLY COMPLETE Astrology-based and Sustainable Business-based program for subject matter experts and entrepreneurs looking to:

  • Make an IMPACT & Earn a THRIVING INCOME While Working PART-TIME
  • Learn EVERYTHING you need to know to design and launch your astrologically designed business from start to finish
  • Turn your idea or expertise into a simple, soul-driven, sustainable, Profitable Business!
  • Start building a business that earns you income when you’re not even working!
  • Have the freedom to live life on your terms, with more time to spend doing what you love most
  • Fulfill your soul’s purpose and ride the energy waves that work in your favor!

This course takes a radically unique, breakthrough approach that combines leading sustainable business practices influenced by nature and permaculture with astrology. It provides you with the clarity, direction, instructions, and clear roadmap you didn't know existed and that you've been needing.

Why You Can't Afford to Ignore Your Astrology:

  • Entrepreneurs are 70% more likely to experience career satisfaction than employees.
  • 63% of entrepreneurs who started their business during the pandemic era still agree that “self-employment is the best career choice in uncertain times such as a pandemic.”
  • Being an entrepreneur gives you the freedom to follow your passion.
  • Flexible working hours, time off work, and a six-figure or higher income are the most effective ways to prevent and heal from burnout.
  • 38% of entrepreneurs state that being self-disciplined is the most important factor—and what easier way to be self-disciplined than to design a business around how you naturally operate so that the discipline is practically effortless!
  • “Millionaires don’t need astrologers, but billionaires do,” is what successful banker J.P. Morgan is credited for saying for a reason—getting the stars on your side amplifies your success.
  • Your employer can’t protect you from burnout. 36% of workers state that their organizations have nothing in place to help stop employee burnout.
  • The same thinking that got you into a situation is not the same thinking that will get you out of it—time to think differently and try a new solution!

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