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Unlock the SECRETS to building
a powerful business and brand presence
so that you can
make the impact you desire
while having the
freedom to care for your beloveds


Eclipse Experience

3-Day FREE Live Training

November 9, 14 and 16, 2023

11:00 am Pacific Time


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Are You Ready to Make Your Business A Reality?

In this powerful 3-day LIVE Training, you will learn how to use astrology and leading, real-world sustainable business practices and strategies to:
  • Have clarity on your niche
  • Get direction on how to build and scale your business
  • Make a meaningful impact on the world
  • Build a POWERFUL online brand presence
  • Focus on what’s most important in your business and in your life 
…so that you can have the freedom you need to live your best life.
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This Training Is For You If You're Feeling

✅ LOST about your next steps


✅ DONE with burn out from being in hustle mode 24/7


✅ TIRED of the red tape stopping you from making the impact you want on the people you serve


✅ STRUGGLING to make it work as a business owner recently


✅ READY to leave your “9-to-5” job or paycheck-to-paycheck career


EXCITED to ALIGN with astrology to OPTIMIZE your business and build a POWERFUL ONLINE BRAND PRESENCE

What You'll Get in This LIVE Series

Expert Guidance: Learn from an award-winning, Certified Professional Astrologer, seasoned Sustainable Business Coach and former Executive Management Professional


✨ Highly Interactive Experience: This is a highly interactive LIVE training series where you can ask questions and make progress


✨ Community: Join together with like-minded people who are on a similar journey to you for mutual support.


✨ Connection: Not only can you connect with Taylor live, and others in community, but you’ll learn how to use astrology to establish a deeper, more meaningful connection to yourself, the most important people in your life, and with your business.


✨ Focus and Direction: You’ll have actionable next steps to acheive your goals.


Why You Can't Miss This

 Get clarity on your purpose 

 Know where to focus your energy

✨ Roadmap your next steps 

 Pursue your passion

✨ Feel confident that you’re moving in the right direction

✨ Unlock how you uniquely thrive

 Identify your niche

Optimize your marketing strategies and channels 

 Align your business with your astrology

✨ Time your launches for success

Break through the boundaries that have been holding you back

✨ …And so much more!

What past participants have to say about this masterclass training

Meet Your Host!

Taylor Shuler, award-winning, certified professional astrologer, sustainable business coach, host of the On Thriving: Astrology & More with Taylor Shuler and co-host of the Cosme podcast

Taylor Shuler, smiling, wearing an orange halter top with brightly colored flowers in front of a carved wooden front door.
10 years ago, I left the US to go back to grad school to try to take my life back into my own hands. I had lost my high-powered paralegal job due to major depression and anxiety as my 15-year relationship with my fiancé was falling apart.
I checked all the boxes, and even enrolled in an Ivy League University to add another credential to my resume:
✅ Undergraduate Degree? Check.
✅ Graduate Degree? Check.
✅ 9-5 Career? Check.
✅ Steady Paycheck? Check.
I still wasn’t happy. In fact, I was completely burned out and miserable. And broke.
You could say I was in my dark night of the soul.
Yearning to fit in, find work that was worthwhile and made me feel good, I was desperate to soothe my broken heart and soul.
I just wanted do meaningful work that mattered to me, and be able to pay my bills.
I went back to the thing that as a child I got made fun of and chastized for being gullible to believe in: 
At first, I couldn’t find the patterns in the zodiac signs, elements or planets. None of it made sense. But I persisted, and soon I began to unlock the secrets to my own astrology chart. 
Each secret I unlocked about myself felt like I was taking one step closer to happiness, confidence, fulfillment and purpose, and away 
from misery, anxiety and depression. 
The happier and more confident I grew, the more successful I became:
🙌🏽 I went from struggling to pay my debt to building my own tiny house and earning 6-figures in less than a year. 
🙌🏽 I lost over 100 pounds in less than two years. 
🙌🏽 I moved across the country to a place with gorgeous weather and views, delicious food and friendly people.
🙌🏽 I made friends and built a supportive community network.
🙌🏽 The periods of getting sick started getting milder, fewer are farther between.
🙌🏽 I fell in love, starting a healthy and stable relationship.
🙌🏽 I started my business 
🙌🏽 I began winning scholarships and awards 
🙌🏽 I started receiving invitations to speak for big names and organizations I admire.
🙌🏽  I taught myself real-world business skills like web design, marketing, sales, and AI
Despite all the obstacles I faced, and mistakes I made along the way, I figured out how to use astrology and leading sustainable business practices to figure out my calling, and build a successful online business and powerful brand presence.
You, too, can find your calling, your ideal clients, and build your best life starting today.
Join me in this FREE LIVE Training series if you consider yourself or want to be an ENLIGHTENED ENTREPRENEUR!



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